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Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology

Price: AED 35000.00

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It is a 14-16 months long full-time course for learners who want to progress to employment in a range of business roles. Progress could be either directly to employment in Level 3 roles, or via higher education business courses.




● Course duration: 1080 Guided Learning Hours

● Access to the course: 14 - 16 months

● Start date: Please get in touch with TWI supports team for up to date information

● Application deadline: Please get in touch with TWI supports team for up to date information

● Mode of delivery: Classroom / Blended.

● Tuition fees: AED 35,000 (plus AED 1500 registration fee)


Course Description 


The International Extended Diploma in Information Technology (Level 3) is meant to provide the skills necessary for an IT career. Your workplace experiences will prepare you for success in actual professional settings thanks to the hands-on learning framework and knowledgeable coaching.


The most crucial subjects affecting the current IT landscape will help you obtain significant knowledge and skills. The course gradually gives you a good foundation in the building of websites, cyber security, and incident management. A variety of optional modules will also be available for you to select from, allowing you to design a personalised learning path for the duration of the course. Your skills will advance in areas like leadership, teamwork, communication, research, and critical analysis areas that employers place a high value on, thanks to the course structure and emphasis on formative development.


You will have an internationally acknowledged diploma and a distinct idea of the career path you wish to follow once you have completed your studies for the International Extended Diploma in Information Technology (Level 3) programme. With a solid foundation, you'll be equipped to continue your education or enter the workforce with confidence.


Course Requirements


Please send an email to to speak with our admissions staff in more detail about our admittance requirements.


Course Fees: How to Pay & What’s Included 

● Registration Fee: There is a one-time fee of AED 1500.

● Tuition Fee: AED 35,000

● Discounts: Meritorious Scholarships and discounts are available

● Payment Methods: At The Woolwich Institute, Dubai we appreciate any of the following payment methods - Credit or debit card, Bank transfer and other payment gateways

● Included in the Fee: All course materials, personal tutor support, portal access, assignment marking and feedback and upon completion of the course, career support - including CV workshops.



Modules & Assignments

Unit 1: Information Technology Systems – Strategy, Management and Infrastructure

Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage Information (SQL/Access)

Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business

Unit 4: Programming

Unit 5: Data Modelling (Excel-Spreadsheet Based)

Unit 6: Website Development

Unit 8: Computer Games Development

Unit 9: IT Project Management

Unit 11: Cyber Security and Incident Management

Unit 12: IT Technical Support and Management

Unit 15: Cloud storage and Collaboration Tools

Unit 16: Digital 2D and 3D Graphics

Unit 17: Digital Animation and Effects

Unit 18: The Internet of Things



Progression and Further Study Opportunities


As well as helping students who wish to embark on, or advance in, a career involving computing, this course is also suited to students who wish to progress to the university level.

On completion of this course, successful students will have the credits they need to apply for admission to a Bachelor’s Degree at a range of top universities across the globe or can complete the Pearson BTEC HND in Computing.